New label encourages consumers to choose Maltese pork

posted on November 15, 2010

It just got easier for Maltese consumers to choose Maltese pork. Fresh Maltese pork is now labelled and easily identified as “Majjal ta’ Malta”.

The label will be displayed on fresh Maltese pork, as well as – in the form of a sticker – at participating butcher shops and supermarkets across Malta and Gozo.

Koperattiva ta' Min Irabbi l-Majjal's General Manager, Dr Oliver Frendo, said that “Consumers deserve choice. Up until now, consumers didn’t know if the fresh pork they selected from the meat shop was Maltese grown or imported. The new label gives pork consumers a guarantee that the pork displaying the label “Majjal ta’ Malta” is Maltese grown pork”.

More and more consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of choosing local produce. Economists argue that buying local pork supports the agricultural community and the domestic economy. It also reduces the carbon footprint caused by the transportation of the foreign product to Malta.

“Maltese Pig Breeders have built a reputation for producing a high-quality product and are confident that the Majjal ta’ Malta label and advertising campaign will increase the sales of Maltese pork. This will support pork producers who are finding it difficult to stay in business due the high rise in water and electricity tariffs and the price hike of cereal feeds given to pigs”.

The awareness program will include advertising highlighting the health benefits of pork, distribution of free pork recipes which will include ‘special’ recipes for children, elderly and for people suffering with high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. There will also be billboard advertising, the Majjal ta’ Malta official website as well as adverts on TV, newspapers and other media.