aPlans for the future

In order to bring down production costs, the farmers themselves must become involved in all aspects of pig farming, from feed production to meat processing. Any savings can then be used to bring down the price of locally produced pork, or reinvest into even better quality.

Feed Milling
Feed makes up as much as 80% of the costs of pig farming. In order to ensure that Maltese pig farmers are feeding their animals high quality feeds purchased at reasonable prices, KIM Ltd. have begun discussions with existing local feed millers, with the intention of forming partnerships which will allow the pig farmers more control over the sources and contents of their animals’ feeds.

KIM Ltd. have begun planning for investment in a processing plant, to begin producing a full line of 100% local pork products, from fresh meat cuts to sausages and meatballs. This will allow the Maltese consumer to properly compare the quality of local pork with that of imported foreign products, without worrying about false labeling or mixtures of local and foreign products.

Waste Management
The Maltese government currently plans to invest in or promote the creation of a Biogas power plant, which will create electrical energy from controlled fermentation of biological wastes. The pork sector intends to cooperate fully on such ventures, so that the waste produced by our pigs will become a source of viable, environmentally – friendly energy