aKIM starts cutting and deboning local pork

posted on 19/07/2010

KIM Ltd has begun offering pork cuts and parts to their customers, as well as entire carcasses. KIM Ltd employ individuals experienced in the arts of cutting and deboning to ensure a high quality product, and are confident that they can offer these products on a regular basis and at competitive prices. Cutting and deboning will be performed at the state-of-the-art Cutting and Deboning plant at the civil abattoir in Marsa. Cutting and deboning will initially be carried out only to order, but once sufficient refrigerated storage space is secured; the cooperative intends to cut and debone small quantities of pigs on a weekly basis. This step was taken in order to compete directly, on a product-for-product basis as well as on the basis of price and quality, with pork cuts and parts being imported by local processors. It was realized that local sales lost to imported pork were largely due to the importation of cuts and parts of pork, which are partially or fully prepared for use in processing, and not due to the importation of entire carcasses.